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I am pleased to release a guide on the applications of machine learning in business systems. This document provides a semi-technical primer for executives looking to orient themselves to machine learning and applications of the technology in the process of making business decisions.

I wrote this guide to help clear the fog around the terms “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning.” After attending dozens of events where AI and ML were used incorrectly (usually in marketing and sales), I searched for a reference to give out. However, I found nothing. So, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do it myself.

One of the difficulties in explaining machine learning comes from the heavy use of mathematics (calculus, in particular) and scientific nomenclature in the AI and ML fields. Therefore, I decided to incorporate some technical content into this document with the hope of educating readers enough to hold a conversation with researchers. As an unintended consequence, readers became able to sort out what IS, and what IS NOT, machine learning applied to vendor products. I think this is great as it arms the buyer with information about what will be a major revolution in business.

Some pretty smart people seem to like it too:

A great introduction to how the use of Machine Learning to provide context will be the key to boosting business velocity, enabling dynamic business scaling, and ensuring greater business operational flexibility in our new digital world.

Rick Villars - Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud, IDC

John presents business leaders with a clear illustration of machine learning success, from value demonstration to implementation. Having spent a decade in data analysis and customer success leadership, I know what an organized, usable map for business leaders to follow looks like. John has created just that for machine learning with this paper.

Michael Redbord - Vice President, Services and Support, HubSpot

Please enjoy this work and share it with friends and colleagues.

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